2022 PropTalk Article about the Bash on the Bay at Leonardtown Wharf
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2022 Cherry Blossom Festival in Lexington Park, MD

Jon, Jim, Chris, and Mary attended the county’s “chilly” Cherry Blossom Festival on March 26. John brought the Melvin for display which always had someone there to ask questions about the boat or when our next events were happening this year.  It was a productive and well attended day.  Many thanks to VisitStMarys office for including us.  We are partnering with them on their Retrofest at Piney Point Lighthouse the same weekend as our Piney point event.

Have a great Vintage season.

2022 Spring Thunder at Tavares, FL

The Southern Maryland Boat Club was well represented in Tavares Florida this year. We made a good showing along with the inboards that attended. The weekend was summer like with high temps and bright sun that also brought out local boat traffic which hampered full speed runs across the slate of entries.  Lake Dora is large and the traffic cannot be controlled away from the course.  As a result, the occasional chop combined with the rollers from local boat traffic severely affected the heats.  One notable recipient was a flight that Wayne Goddard encountered in his J boat.  It was well documented with many photos by attending photographers.  Great job hanging with it Wayne!  Ollie Tippett was indispensable with the trailer launches.

Other issues arose from the hidden holes the drivers found on the course.  Rayner Blair in the Texaco broke power head bolts and other parts, also developing cracks near the transom.  Jon Edwards in Mix Liz, also dislodged his powerhead while underway requiring the embarrassing tow in.  Most other drivers had trouble navigating the course though not with such extreme mechanical issues.  The inboards put on an exciting show with all their sights and sounds. Even Jim was involved in an incident on the pier.  It seems he was ceremoniously given a prop wash shower by Chris Fairchild as a practical joke!

Still, everyone had a great time with a wonderful dinner on Saturday evening. New friends were made, old friendships renewed after a two year hiatus.  The hosts and others acknowledged our importance to the success of the event.  Chris Fairchild, President of APBA was also in attendance and kept the crowd laughing.

SMBC Drivers participating in the Spring Thunder:  Rayner Blair (Texaco and Allison), Ted Boyd, Chris Boyd, Bill Edwards, Jon Edwards, Doug Gardiner, Doug Goddard, Wayne Goddard, Roger Hinsdale, Tocky Lawrence, Rich Paradis, Bob Ponsler, Duane Tilton, and Beale Tilton.

Assistant Referee:  Jim Berry
Risk Manager/Pit Boss:  Beale Tilton
Scorer:  Kathy Norris
Boat Launcher:  Ollie Tippett
Crew:  Herb Payne, Karla Payne, Kim Day, Janelle Baliko, Darlene Lawrence, Margo Hinsdale, Shannon Tilton, Donna Tilton

SMBC members are encouraged to make the trek to Tavares at least once while enjoying their vintage craft.

2020 Spring Thunder at Tavares, FL

The FVRC Spring Thunder was held March 13th, 14th, and 15th in Tavares, FL. SMBC was well represented with boats from Rayner Blair, Bill Edwards, Jon Edwards, Scott Edwards, Fuzzy Norris, Wayne Goddard, Doug Goddard, Herb Payne, Beale and Duane Tilton, Roger Hinsdale, Ted Boyd, and Chris Boyd. Jim Berry was the assistant referee, Ollie Tippett was one of the terrific boat launchers, Kathy Norris was the scorer, and Kim Day, Karla Payne, and Ray Wood were crew members.

2019 Fall Thunder at Tavares, FL

Several of SMBC’s members traveled to Tavares, FL, for the Florida Vintage Raceboat Club’s Regatta which was held on November 15th to 17th. SMBC was well represented with 10 boats in the pits!

Drivers/Owners: Rayner Blair (Texaco and Allison), Bill Edwards, John Edwards, Scott Edwards, Herb Payne, Fuzzy Norris, Ted Boyd, Chris Boyd, and Doug Goddard.

Assistant Referee: Jim Berry
Risk Manager:  Beale Tilton
Scorer: Kathy Norris
Boat Launcher:  Ollie Tippett
Crew/Spectators: Karla Payne, Kim Day, Ray Wood

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2022 Regatta Dates

SMBC Piney Point
"Rumble on the River"
June 3 - Registration
June 4 & 5 - Heats

SMBC Leonardtown
"Bash on the Bay"​
July 29 - Registration
July 30 & 31 - Heats