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September 2015

March 2016
     Enjoy a terrific summary of the Southern Maryland Boat Club's 2017 Summer Regatta in
     the new issue of PropTalk:


    Club member Steven Christman is featured in an article about this year's Spring Thunder
     which was held in Tavares, FL. To read the article and view some really great pictures of 
     Steven and other drivers from Tavares, click here.


     Several of our members traveled to Tavares, FL, on March 17th to 19th for the Tavares
     Spring Thunder. The Southern Maryland Boat Club was well represented with eleven 
     boats in the pits!

     Drivers/Owners:   Herb Payne, Beale and Duane Tilton, Fuzzy Norris, Warren Burke, 
                                  Kimberly Day, Jon Edwards, Bill Edwards, Charlie and Steve Christman,
                                  Rayner Blair, Rayner Blair IV and John O'Connell
     Crew/Spectators: Jim Berry, Kathy Norris, and Ollie Tippett

     Some pictures from the Tavares Spring Thunder are posted on the club's Facebook page:


     To check out the April Prop Talk article about the
     Southern Maryland Boat Club, click here.